Common Threads

An environmentally themed, apparel fundraising company offering high profits.

The Assignment: Consult, develop and implement marketing / fundraising programs according to company goals, in order to generate revenue and increase it’s client base.

The Strategy:  Many strategies were provided for increasing seasonal revenue:

  • A new bonus program to up-sell existing sellers and incentive potential new ones.
  • A new Tag/Fundraising program, such as a USA Patriot flyer, to appeal to customers that conduct the fundraiser who typically never participate. In addition, the Tag as a self-mailer will attract groups/organizations that never have worked with Common Threads because they lack interest in an environmental event/program.
  • The Call Center, the hub of the business, will require a better-trained team that must be unequivocally knowledgeable as to how to help groups raise money and conduct a sale, as opposed to just taking basic mailing information.
  • A targeted direct mail and telemarketing campaign to lapsed & preferred customers.

The Result: Over a one-month period, researched, analyzed and wrote a detailed and comprehensive 21 page marketplace report that enabled the company to move towards a more focused direct mail and telemarketing direction.  Of the numerous key strategies presented, two, telemarketing and the prize programs, were implemented immediately and gave the company an immediate financial boost.


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