Boston Research

A seven-year-old qualitative research and analysis group specializing in business research and analysis for Fortune 1,000 companies, higher education and new-technology start-ups.

The Assignment: In the words of the Managing Director at Boston Research, “I want to grow the company, am I on the right track?”

The Strategy: After speaking with the Managing Director on their needs and reasons for expansion, The Highbloom Group wrote a marketplace report highlighting simple and effective grassroots business development and marketing strategies. The report also contained tactics to set the company apart from its competition and aid them in their business development efforts.

The Result: Developed a marketing strategy to set them apart from their competition at an extremely low cost.

Testimonial: “The Highbloom Group has an ear for the concerted use of direct mail, the internet and networking to find prospects and grow a business. Marc Highbloom and his organization score these elements like instruments in an orchestra to create strategies for expansion that are marketing symphonies. Anyone looking for expertise and direction in the effective use of these and related techniques will find a valuable resource in The Highbloom Group.”
David N. Giguere, Managing Director

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