Connecticut Family Today

Connecticut Family Today is the leading resource for families throughout the state, providing the most comprehensive calendar of activities and events in the area, as well as relevant—up to date—information from local experts about parenting, health, education, home, financial planning and more.

The Assignment: Develop a sales training manual and train independent media sales reps.  And, as an Account Executive, sell to regional businesses in surrounding geographic area.

The Strategy: Worked with the publisher to create a sales training kit, assisted in training independent sales reps, and target and connect direct with local businesses to generate advertising revenue in both print and online.

The Results:

  • Wrote a sales training kit/manual for CT Family Today that enabled the organization to onboard Independent Representatives; thus, providing reps with a manual full of the benefits and of running their own business while being partnered with an aggressive local media business that supported them every step of the way. The Sales Training Manual, provided reps with a variety of information based on research and experience, including sample forms, pricing models, scripts, letters, insertion agreements, and much more.
  • Onboarded new sales personnel.
  • Sold numerous local businesses into the publication’s online and print offerings.


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