The largest environmental fundraising company in the world.

The Assignment: Develop 5 new key catalog and marketplace concepts. In addition to each concept, the task was to create a product offering and strategic price point.

The Strategy: Over a six-month period, we researched and wrote 5 comprehensive marketplace strategies. Each strategic plan recommended a new marketplace and product line for the company to expand into. In addition, each plan contained a catalog mock-up for visual effect.

The Result: Of the 5 key strategies presented, two, sports and gardening, were implemented immediately. Of the three other marketplace concepts, excerpts were absorbed into the company’s core direct mail literature. The end result increased the average order size by 18%.

Testimonial: “Marc Highbloom is a powerful marketer! He has the unique ability to survey, dissect, and understand industry trends and consumer behavior. But more importantly, he is excellent in terms of translating this knowledge into profitable marketing campaigns. At Human-i-Tees, Marc’s new product development work opened up entirely new markets, diversified revenue streams, and increased customer retention.”
Tim Boylan, Co-Founder


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